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First of all, HELLO EVERYOOONE!!!
(Very sorry for the lenghty post that follows, I forgot how to properly use a LJ cut. Would someone out there be willing to tell me how this thing works please?)

Haven't posted something in, like, forever and I feel like an idiot for not doing so. But life is life and what's done's done, so, not much can be made back. Buut, things can be made forward, and I intend to get plenty of that in this baby postishy entry cuz I have two things to ask my (very possibly phantomized and gone forever) LJ friends & tag-alongs:

1. How do you guys like How To Train Your Dragons 2? Yes people, there's an actual sequel running up a bang in the theaters right now and it looks like it's gonna steal the spotlight for the whole summer - every goddamn day of it, and that's just awesome because it's THE big movie of the year (in my humble opinion of course). And you know what's the best news about this? It's nothing like its precedessor (more awesome, more scorching, more badass and more epic, in every sense of the words) and there's a promise for a third movie to get out in 2016! How To Train Your Dragon ain't gonna be a single movie, it's gonna be a fuckin' triology! HELL YEAH!!! I know some HTTYD fans who are gonna make one hell of a buzz over this - and who knows, the HTTYD fandom might produce enough stories to trample Rise of the Guardians. The Competition promises to be fierce in the months to come!

2. - Have you guys heard of the rumors circling the net for the last year or so? It's on the mouth of many fans and making a steady climb on Deviantart and Youtube, not to mention being whispered fervently between friends and close relatives on social networks (as far as I know, correct me if I'm wrong on that last one). It's being shown up everywhere, pages are being made for them and I even found a petition running up to make it a reality. Guessed yet? No? Then let me throw you one last clue: They're called The Big Four. Four important, well-liked characters the fans all want to throw into one big kick-ass crossover in a movie made by the two biggest bad ass 3D film makers of the century (once again in my own humble opinion): Dreamworks and Disney. You'll know what I'm talking about if you type Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons on the DA search bar - it'll show you pictures of Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon (ain't that familiar?), Merrida from Brave and Rapunzel from Tangled.

Why are they called The Big Four? Well as I said, Hiccup and Toothless gained a world-wide shower of appraise nand appreciation, which Merrida and Rapunzel proudly rode a few years later. Now add Jack Frost to the mix when Christmas rolled around two years ago, and you got over-excited fans who all want to see their favorite characters assembled together in one movie. Many are sending idea letters to both moviemakers, others are making doujins and cartoon stories out of this and one even started a petition to make this fan-made stuff a reality. What they all want? Have Dreamworks and Disney band together to make a movie crossover that'll feature Jack, Hiccup, Merrida and Rapunzel all together against one big villain (or four, why not take out the big guns while we're at it?).

Honestly, I sure damn hope this'll happen because this baby promises to be big. If it doesn't I'll keep pressing on until it comes true. And when it does, it'll make a boom through the theaters so big it'll leave the paparrazi with the severe impression a nuclear bomb had gone off through the web - because everyone will be talking about this. They already do. Do you?

For those of you who'd like to know just how much this movie promises to be something, just check the clip below (and remember to thank the dude who made this awesome piece of work):

For those who want to check the petition (and maybe sign it), click here:

And for those who want to chat about this juicy piece of gossip, you can comment in my entry as much as you want. Just keep in mind that any dude who disrespects others will be deleted from this entry-made chatroom.

With that, have fun buzzing around girls!!
Hello ladies

still aliveee

Three things new about me:

I fell in love with the Eyeshield 21 fandom, hard. Man I love that demonic quarterback, the stoic kicker, that fast running back and that motherly manager <3 Does anyone like that manga?

I fell in love with American Football, thanks to Eyeshield. I only wish I could watch some matches on my TV, but that's impossible due to lack of the the right TV cable.

My search for new music led me to the Backstreet Boys. As a little girl I wasn't much impressed by their music, but 20 years later I now understand why the planet fell for that boysband. They have quite amazing songs, those guys.

My personal favorites are these:

I Want It That Way
No One Else Comes Close
I Still...
Everything But Mine

I haven't had time to listen to all their songs, but those are the ones which I find myself coming back to, especially Masquerade. That song gave me a new respect for the word 'courtship'...
Hello ladies

There's a cat in my garden...

It's a young male with a collar that's missing its medal, no older than a year and a half. He's caramel orange with white stripes and has captivating golden eyes and a meowing voice that's got such a pleading tone it's impossible for me to leave it at the mercy of the elements... and my heartless neighbors. He's been operated on the front paws and seems also castrated, though I'm not sure for the last part.

He looks and behaves like a lost kitten, seeking protection and shelter by meowing at my doorstep and pawing at the door as if asking to be let in so he can take a breather from the wild and sleep in a safe place. It's obvious he's domesticated, for he does not shy from human contact - he actually tries to get some from us all, with mixed results ranging from a rare petting of the back to a cold dousing from the hose, courtesy of the owner of the apartment.

It's the second cat in less than a week that has pawed at my doorstep, looking for shelter. Although I wouldn't mind at all to let him in and take care of him until I find his rightful owner, circumstances at home leave me unable to provide him the shelter he seeks so desperately. Thus the poor kit ended up sleeping outside, with little to protect him from the storms that are currently hitting my country. Seeing him search for a dry place broke my heart, because we're in the middle of a city and there are no openings in the walls for him for him to shift into a potential hideout. The only thing I can give him is food and water so he can toughen out the heat of the summer. I tried building him a makeshift little shed, but gave up that action when the owner glared daggers at me.

I can only think that his owner either lost him, or abandoned him. If it's the former, the only thing I can do is knock from door to door on my street and ask the same question: "Does this cat belong to you?". I don't have high hopes it will work, though I can still try. Posting an ad on Internet as well as in the neighborhood on paper would be great, if only my camera wasn't broken.

If it's the latter case, I don't know what to do. I don't have the money to get the kit into an adoption center. Leaving him to fend for himself would be cruel since he lacks the knowledge of how to survive in the wilds, and adopting him myself is an impossibility at the moment. No one I know is interested in taking care of a cat, since they either already have one or don't want any. Time is ticking by, because the neighbors are getting tired of hearing him meow for shelter. I fear they will chase him out of the cemented garden or worse, kill him. The apartment's owner is getting restless, for his daughter is asthmatic and the kit is proving a danger to her health.

In a situation like this, what should I do?
Sappy day is sappy

To my F-list: what do you think of Edward Snowden's revelations? (no angry debates please)

Because it concerns us all, one way or another, and after knowing my e-mails, chats, site posts like this one, telephone convos, videos and picture browsings are under close watch from the US's PRISM program, I am beginning to seriously consider throwing my laptop to the trash and lead the life of a technologic-less person. And I'm sure I'm no the only one who's thinking of doing this.

What do you guys think of Edward Snowden's revelations?
Total innocence

Question for friends

Because I'm really curious about the answers:

Has anyone in my f-list watched Yu-Gi-Oh! when they were kids? If so, what's their favourite character and favourite monster card?

Mine are Yami Yugi and Celtic Guardian. I like the former because he shows a surprising amount of maturity for someone of his age, which is a rarity among young men. And I love the second one because I've always liked elves, and he's the reason why I got attracted to Yu-Gi-Oh! when I saw him battle another monster on TV while switching channels out of boredom. For all of the warrior vibes he emits, I also find him irresistibly cute, and can't help but want to hug him all day.

What about you guys? :)
Hello ladies

Killer whales trapped in ice: please help them get free before they die!

There is a pod of 12 killer whales stuck in Canadian sea ice, in Inukjack. They can't move to open sea without drowning on the way due to frozen ice covering all the water, and the small hole they're desperately fighting to breath through is closing in on them by the hour!

Please help put pressure on the government so his ice-breaker gets the green light to crack a water path from the orca's hole to the open sea!

Hello ladies


After reading Eyeshield 21, I couldn't deny my attraction to American Football. The Devilish Quarterback made sure to have each match leave me hanging at the edge of my seat with breathless anticipation, and I feel as if I were sitting at a stadium and roaring with the crowd when the final touchdown was scored in the most inimaginable way possible (that's saying alot since I only read the manga). Hiruma Yoichi literally turned my world upside-down with his masterful trick plays that spiced up each of his games.

And after watching this video, I know I definitely got hooked to the most violent yet thrilling sport to ever grace the earth. Hiruma lit the flame of passion inside my sleeping self, and the american football games I ended up catching on tv only fanned the fire.

God bless my soul, I fell in love with American Football.

And the only thing I can say to that is thank you, Hiruma.
so exhausting.

How shipping can cause headaches by the dozen

Boy, do I sometimes regret being the only one in the entire family to know how to speak english.

Seriously, I never thought my mom would one day require my services to place orders for shipment in the United States. From Quebec.

Making international calls has never been my forte. Making international calls in English while I'm used only to French makes it even harder. Especially when the girl at the other end of the line does not understand what I'm saying and is asking me to repeat. Goddamned accents.

At least I dropped German and Spanish. That keeps mom from making orders overseas in Germany and down south in Mexico. The last thing I want to happen to me is to stumble on a bored receptionist who'll flirt with me over the phone just to listen to my voice. And Japanese... Gosh, I don't even wanna think about how much that would be embarrassing.

Okay, time's up for the U.S. girl who asked me to wait 10 mins. I've got only 45 mins left, mom is pestering me over this and I'm frigging hungry, so stalling or no stalling imma gonna get that shipment up and ready to go and get this over with.


*is banging her head against the keyboard* freaking goddammit!

I just spent half an hour over the phone with the same girl, giving her the list of our products and telling her our adress, state, country, zip code and etc, only to find out the VISA number is deactivated once the call is up.

What the fuck gramps, are you with or against us? We need all the help we can get and your card sure isn't helping right now. I earned mom a friggin' huge bill with this problem!

(given that he's old, I won't be too mad at him for such a mistake since he's prone to have frequent memory blanks, but still, could I have known that before making that call?!)

At least I get to eat.... though I still have that order to make.... *sigh*

this is gonna be a long night...
Hello ladies

When life turns upside-down...

I totally did not expect this. Ever. It didn't even cross my mind for a single second that I would go through this, such improbable I thought it was. My gramps wasn't expecting it; my mom wasn't expecting it; my dad wasn't expecting it; heck, even my friggin' cats weren't expecting it.

What the hell should I do, I who knows almost nothing of the system and has barely entered into society, when a letter from the Supreme Court told me that I was summoned as a jury candidate for a criminal process I don't even know of??? I'm only 20 and already the system of Justice is knocking at my door! @x@

stop giving me heart attacks alreadyyyy
explaining awayyy

Archive of Our Own (Ao3)

Remember the massive fanfiction deletition that everyone talked about a few months back, guys? I was one of the last few who managed to escape into Ao3 and create an account there before the site froze, overloaded by thousands of scared writers all trying to save their fanfics from death at the same time.

When I got there, I wrote to Ao3 for invitations to give to allow more people to come and make an account there to save their fics and post in a more peaceful place. I have 7 of them right now, some of which I can give you guys.

First come first serve, so whoever is interested in getting an account please send me a Pm with their e-mails! Good luck!