pywen (pywen) wrote,

How shipping can cause headaches by the dozen

Boy, do I sometimes regret being the only one in the entire family to know how to speak english.

Seriously, I never thought my mom would one day require my services to place orders for shipment in the United States. From Quebec.

Making international calls has never been my forte. Making international calls in English while I'm used only to French makes it even harder. Especially when the girl at the other end of the line does not understand what I'm saying and is asking me to repeat. Goddamned accents.

At least I dropped German and Spanish. That keeps mom from making orders overseas in Germany and down south in Mexico. The last thing I want to happen to me is to stumble on a bored receptionist who'll flirt with me over the phone just to listen to my voice. And Japanese... Gosh, I don't even wanna think about how much that would be embarrassing.

Okay, time's up for the U.S. girl who asked me to wait 10 mins. I've got only 45 mins left, mom is pestering me over this and I'm frigging hungry, so stalling or no stalling imma gonna get that shipment up and ready to go and get this over with.


*is banging her head against the keyboard* freaking goddammit!

I just spent half an hour over the phone with the same girl, giving her the list of our products and telling her our adress, state, country, zip code and etc, only to find out the VISA number is deactivated once the call is up.

What the fuck gramps, are you with or against us? We need all the help we can get and your card sure isn't helping right now. I earned mom a friggin' huge bill with this problem!

(given that he's old, I won't be too mad at him for such a mistake since he's prone to have frequent memory blanks, but still, could I have known that before making that call?!)

At least I get to eat.... though I still have that order to make.... *sigh*

this is gonna be a long night...
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