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After reading Eyeshield 21, I couldn't deny my attraction to American Football. The Devilish Quarterback made sure to have each match leave me hanging at the edge of my seat with breathless anticipation, and I feel as if I were sitting at a stadium and roaring with the crowd when the final touchdown was scored in the most inimaginable way possible (that's saying alot since I only read the manga). Hiruma Yoichi literally turned my world upside-down with his masterful trick plays that spiced up each of his games.

And after watching this video, I know I definitely got hooked to the most violent yet thrilling sport to ever grace the earth. Hiruma lit the flame of passion inside my sleeping self, and the american football games I ended up catching on tv only fanned the fire.

God bless my soul, I fell in love with American Football.

And the only thing I can say to that is thank you, Hiruma.
Tags: american football, eyeshield 21, hiruma yoichi
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