pywen (pywen) wrote,

Question for friends

Because I'm really curious about the answers:

Has anyone in my f-list watched Yu-Gi-Oh! when they were kids? If so, what's their favourite character and favourite monster card?

Mine are Yami Yugi and Celtic Guardian. I like the former because he shows a surprising amount of maturity for someone of his age, which is a rarity among young men. And I love the second one because I've always liked elves, and he's the reason why I got attracted to Yu-Gi-Oh! when I saw him battle another monster on TV while switching channels out of boredom. For all of the warrior vibes he emits, I also find him irresistibly cute, and can't help but want to hug him all day.

What about you guys? :)
Tags: celtic guardian, yami yugi, yu-gi-oh!
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