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still aliveee

Three things new about me:

I fell in love with the Eyeshield 21 fandom, hard. Man I love that demonic quarterback, the stoic kicker, that fast running back and that motherly manager <3 Does anyone like that manga?

I fell in love with American Football, thanks to Eyeshield. I only wish I could watch some matches on my TV, but that's impossible due to lack of the the right TV cable.

My search for new music led me to the Backstreet Boys. As a little girl I wasn't much impressed by their music, but 20 years later I now understand why the planet fell for that boysband. They have quite amazing songs, those guys.

My personal favorites are these:

I Want It That Way
No One Else Comes Close
I Still...
Everything But Mine

I haven't had time to listen to all their songs, but those are the ones which I find myself coming back to, especially Masquerade. That song gave me a new respect for the word 'courtship'...
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