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Of all the things that made my day a living hell, my Curriculum Vitae (otherwise known as CV) tops it.

Who knew it'd be an easy pair of hands to update the damn thing when it's struck on lonely lecture mode? It absoluetely refuses to be modified, be it in Microsoft Words, Internet, Google, Power Point, Paint and whatever else I know that could help me get this shit up and rolling for my job. Seriously, is this a prank or something? *glares at unafraid papersheets*

And Hiruma's cursing is rubbing off on me. yaay.
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Help Save the Antarctic Ocean

My mom mailed me a about a petition going on around the net asking for help concerning the antarctic ocean. Long story short, the environment over there can be shifted into one behemoth marina park, saving thousands of species from extinction. But there are some states that plan on putting a stop to this, so Leonardo DiCaprio of all people has stepped in and sent out a worldwide call for help to us citizens. I voted because I really love whales and the species I cherish the most are living around that big block of ice, but my vote isn't enough to make things work so anyone who'd like to help get the marina park opened and save quite a few thousands of species from dying, please don't hesitate to vote!

english version:

you can follow the amount of votes here:
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The Quebecan Spring (still in progress)

I saw a video on the internet which covers our rallies against Jean Charest and the raise of student fees/Law 78. For those who have yet to know the details, let's just say that the bastard provoked the student populace and kept enraging it until we broke into an almost civil war against the police force and government. The fight started on February 22, 2012 and is still in progress even now, 6 months later. It grew from the students and people with various jobs, ethics, age and goals joined in, until the whole world turned around to look at Quebec.

Now, we have a video which gives a summary of what's going on in my country, what we're fighting for and are trying to save, and what Jean Charest is keeping us from with his police puppets and dogs with arrogant disdain clear on his face.

Please click the link to watch the video. Everyone must know what's going on, no matter where they are living in the world. Alone we can't do anything, but together everything is possible.

The elections for a new leader Quebec are gonna happen this September 4, 2012. I'm gonna go vote.

Whatever happens, Charest is going down.
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One strange thing?

I noticed something odd while following MangaHelpers for the much awaited release of DGM chapter 215... And thus call out to my F-list to help me get the hang of this puzzle.

Tyki Mikk, the Noah of Pleasure, has the power to pass through things by either accepting or rejecting them. Therefore he can phase through his clothes, walk through walls and even gut a man without leaving external traces.

Sheryl Camelot, the Noah of Desire, can manipulate things to his liking with his strings. Therefore he is a pampered prince that's addicted to control and hates being contradicted (as far as I'm aware of).

But as I look at this page, I see that Sheryl can pass through walls. I know the Earl's Ark is not in cause of this since I would see a gate and it isn't the case for the Noah, so how can he do that if does not possess the same power as Tyki? Did I miss something, or did he somehow inherit his blood brother's phasing powers?

I can't believe I haven't seen this before XD
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I've got a bad feeling about DGM... July first already passed by and no spoilers came out for the newest chapter. Shit, I hope I'm guessing wrong when I feel that there won't be an update this month.
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This is serious.

Critics United have made a mass list of what stories must be deleted on ffnt. Although most of the stories are repeatedly listed, I find this to be quite alarming for the concerned authors and fans.

From what I gathered, the Justin Bieber, Pokemon and Naruto fandoms are being browsed through for a weekly clean-up duty that happens every Monday. They're losing more and more stories each week.

Are there any other fandoms that are losing fics at a fast rate apart those I mentioned? Something needs to be done and fast, otherwise ffnt will be empty in a few months, a few years at the most.
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News Report of Quebec, part deux

It's still the same thing. Charest keeps enraging the student populace. The elections have started and the FECQ's president, Leo Bureau-Blouin (the most docile of the three heads) left his place to another student, a girl whose name I don't remember yet.

Mediation has been demanded, but the government still hasn't given its decision over it. The rallies keep happening, and the police force is getting more and more brutal.

A new law was passed yesterday, and it had 150 or so students screaming bloody murder and yelling slogans all over the mayor's hotel, in which a fight erupted between said mayor and a protestant.

June 22 is coming around, and the whole world's eyes are turned upon that date because it will celebrate 4 months of protestation in a row. The rallies started on February 22, and each month a gigantic manifestation assembling every student in the conflict takes place (200,000 people in March, 300,000 in April & an estimated 400,000 in May). The first three months were done only in Montreal, but this month it will also be done in Quebec city - two behemoth rallies on the same day. The one in Quebec has already 6,000 people signed in, last I heard. I'll be sure to partake in the one happening in Quebec. Hopefully this month's assembly will knock some sense into Charest and get him back on the right track... though I honestly doubt that he will redeem himself.
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Be it Youtube, MySpace, Veoh, Dailymotion, Gogoanime or any other video site I`m aware of, I am unable to find the episodes of the BBC Sherock Holmes series. *pulls hair in frustration*

Is there anyone out there who has any idea where and how to get access to the episodes, free of fees and membership? I'm at a lost where to search for these jewels... Thanks!