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pywen's Journal

Pywen is the name I'm going by on LJ and other sites, but I'm mostly known as Angel Fantasy, particularly in Fanfiction.net.

I like writing and reading D. Gray-Man stuff. I'm a real fan of that anime/manga, and it's thanks to hakasha that I discovered (and fell in love with) the 3 dgmkinkmemes, real paradises for request/fill DGM stories.

Layout credit: gawariel_design

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Quotes created my me:

- When a man acts peacefully, he is called a Saint. When a man acts violently, he is called a beast. When a man acts forced, he is called a puppet. How, then, should a man act like to be called a human? - Pywen (inspired by A clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess)

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Adopted from squiby

Click Me!

Adopted from squiby

Thanks to all of those who clicked on the eggs and made them hatch into beautiful persons!